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Tiny Whoop is a small first-person-view aircraft that truly allows you to feel the gift of flight and the feeling of being tiny. A small apartment becomes a vast terrain worthy of taming. The small tree in your front yard is a deep and engaging forrest. With shrouded propellers we can now fly FPV around people and kids safely. It's more fun than I've ever had.

The introduction above is from Tiny Whoop offical websize.Yes,this is really furious hobby to have a such micro drones.Thousands of Tiny Whoop owners were flying in places they never thought possible!The new MICRO FPV drone provides the freedom of flight in an FPV Ready Bind and Fly version.No soldering or 3D printing required,you get out-of-the-box FPV performance.

Makerfire Micro FPV Series:Integrated F3 EVO Brushed FC ,Frsky Taranis X9D or Spektrum receiver, 25mW AIO video transmitter & camera, special sauce edition motors and 200mAh battery, this MICRO FPV is capable of flying in the smallest of places with ease and much more like a racing quad than a toy quad.

Makerfire BNF Micro FPV with F3 FC

Makerfire RTF Micro FPV Base on Eachine E010

Crazepony Micro FPV Series:Compared with the Tiny Whoop drones,the largest different in this serie is the propulsion system.With 2S battery,7*20mm or 8*20mm motors and 55mm or 66mm propellers,the crazepony micro series can bring flying experience more violence.Also the frames utilize high quality full carbon fiber that is precision machined for a superb fit-and-finish.

Crazepony BNF 90mm Micro FPV Quad

Crazepony BNF 110mm Micro FPV Quad